2017 Grand Jury Prize Winner

Saturday Night Special

Dir. Esteban Garcia Vernaza 

2017 Audience Choice Winner

A Little Bit of Time

Dir. Atdhe Trepca 

Saturday Night Special
Dir. Esteban García Vernaza

12mins. USA

n a fit of anger, young Wesley embarks on a journey through the dangerous streets in search of some food for his baby sister.
Dir. Kaya
12mins . USA

A visually shocking visual showcase of the many manifestations of the human ego.
Dir. Edie Pijpers
2mins/animation USA

Ordinary, daily acts are shown in all its fantastical extraordinariness. This short animation looks at reality in a magical way.
Dir. Robert Waters
4 mins. USA

A man reflects on the hard realities of life.
A Little Bit of Time
Dir. Atdhe Trepca
5min. USA

Using advanced virtual reality technology, Jane visits a lake long forgotten to make amends with a lover long lost.
Dir. Christian Mushenko
11 min. USA

A difficult week finds a disconnected, wealthy, businessman searching for meaning in his life, only to find it revealed in a letter from his dead father.
Song of Spring
Dir. Linda Beers
3mins USA

Song of Spring” uses the metaphor of unrequited love to inspire people to take action to prevent the extinction of endangered species. In circa 1800’s China, a farmer named Chaoxiang loves from afar a beautiful girl named Hualing. One night, Hualing is carried off in a dream, never to be seen or heard from again.
Dir. Diego Murillo
12mins. Venezuela

Nothing is more certain than loss.
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