November 9th 7:30PM  Soho House new york

Dir. Mariona Lloreta
11 min/ Brasil

Upon receiving a long-lost friend’s call from Lagos, Amenze embarks on a journey to reconnect with her real identity after being forced to change her name and move to Brazil as a sex worker.
Dir. Cooper Haskell
3 mins/ USA

A day in the life of pigeon.
The Streets That Speak
Dir. Vida Lercari
Cuba/ 6 mins

A short documentary about Yulier Rodriguez, a Cuban artist who paints all across Havana from his studio to the streets.
Dir. Luca Brinciotti
11mins/ Italy

Based on the True Story of the Female Italian serial killer Leonarda Cianciulli, known as the "Soap-Maker of Correggio". Leonarda killed three women and by boiling their bodies with caustic soda she made soap and cookie.
Everything Will Be Fine
Dir. Jan Kutrzeba

USA/ 9 mins

Wszystko Będzie Fajnie (eng. Everything Will Be Fine) is a single shot short film touching topics of immigration, love, trust, poverty, and loneliness.
Fickle Bickle
Dir. Stephan Ward
11 min/ USA

On a routine plumbing job for a wealthy New Yorker, Kevin Smedley finds himself alone in a magnificent Upper West Side mansion. Knowing the owner has departed on vacation, after forgetting Kevin is onsite, our plumber takes the opportunity of using this location to impress his high school crush, Jenny Bickle, a woman he hasn't seen for many years. However it doesn't end the way he might have wished.
Dir. Melissa Bank
10 mins/ USA

The bond between a young woman and her older brother is tested by his new girlfriend.
To Oh Seven
Dir. Davis Hall
USA/ 3 Mins

Some journeys begin at the end of the line.
Dir. Chris Newhard
13 mins/ USA
Entry Level
Dir. Jorge Lucas
USA/ 6 mins

Lyle Wittigan interviews for a job at his favorite publishing company. But the meeting takes an absurdist turn when his interviewers bring up his deepest fears and darkest secrets.
Before You
Dir. Kevin Michael Murphy
5 mins/ USA

Past, present and future collide when a young woman ventures out for a Belgian waffle.
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